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Musical Keyboard Tutor 3.0

Musical Keyboard Tutor 3.0

Musical Keyboard Tutor Publisher's Description

Musical Keyboard Tutor

Musical Keyboard Tutor

Begin to read and play music the easy way, with Musical Keyboard Tutor. 

Musical Keyboard Tutor is the ideal way to start to learn to read and play music on the Pocket PC.

What's New in Version 3 (Purchased Mode)

  • Wider range of songs to play and learn including many traditional songs.

  •  New backdrops for the musical score.

  • Wider range of note types available - tied notes and rests.

  • Automatic playing of all songs, with skip backwards and forwards a song.

  • Free upgrade to version 3 for all those who purchased version 2 (uses the same key).

Key Features (Purchased Mode)

  • A stylus driven, on-screen musical keyboard allows you to play music based on the standard piano / synthesizer keyboard layouts.

  • An onscreen musical manuscript shows the song in musical notation as you play it.

  • Automatic musical accompaniment provides backing as you play.

  • Musical Keyboard Tutor’s artificial intelligence can adapt the backing speed, to match your playing speed while you are learning. It can also run at a fixed tempo you set.

  • Music Keyboard Tutor will show you which note to play next on the keyboard and on the music stave - so you can learn to read music too. It will also name each primary key on the keyboard to help you learn the standard keyboard note positions while you play.

  • You can pick from a range of well known songs to learn and Music Keyboard Tutor will even play them for you. A range of scales are also available for you to learn.

  • As you become more advanced you can even try different ways of playing - using the stylus in different ways you can glide (gliss), or play staccato.

  • You can choose from a number of sounds - pipe organ, oboe, saxophone, clarinet etc. You can even pick different sounds for the backing to achieve more orchestral sounding effects.

  • Sound can be optimised for the internal speaker, or for hi-fi and headphones.

  • Music Keyboard Tutor uses high quality audio synthesis to produce sound that has to be heard to be believed - particularly when using hi-fi / headphones.

  • The documentation includes a detailed beginners guide on how music works and how to read it. This documentation has been written specifically for learning to read and play music with the Musical Keyboard Tutor.

Trial  Mode

Musical Keyboard Tutor operates in two modes. By default it operates in trial mode, which limits some of the features, allowing it to be tried before purchase. Following purchase the licence key can be entered and the software becomes fully functional.

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This application requires the compact framework to be installed on your device - new devices have this installed by default - others will need it installing. It is available at for download.

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